Articles of Amendment

Notice is hereby given of the intention to file with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Articles of Amendment to the original Articles of Incorporation of the Summit Township Water Authority. The registered office of the Authority is 8900 Old French Road, Erie, PA 16509. The Authority currently maintains offices at 1230 Townhall Rd W #100, Erie, PA 16509. The Articles of Amendment are filed pursuant to the Municipality Authorities Act (53 Pa.C.S.A.ยง5601, et seq., as amended.)
The nature and character of the proposed amendment is to increase the term of existence of the Summit Township Water Authority to a date which is fifty (50) years from the date of approval of the Articles of Amendment by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
The Articles of Amendment will be filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth on or after three (3) days following the date of this publication.
Feb. 14